Why hire a Holistic Nutritionist?

Holistic nutrition is a natural approach to achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle, while taking into consideration all aspects of life. As a holistic nutritionist I focus on treating the root cause of health disorders, rather than just the symptoms.

After a thorough health history, I will create a specific diet and lifestyle recommendation plan to assist you on your healing journey and bring you back into balance. Unlike modern medicine, I use food as medicine and the nutrients it provides to nourish your hormones, mood, metabolism, and energy. Along with diet and lifestyle recommendations, supplements and/or therapeutic herbs may also be selected.

As your holistic nutritionist, I am here to support and educate you on your wellness journey that encourages positive and lasting changes.

For more information, please book a free 15 minute consultation:
Phone:  416-843-9155
Email: sandydisavino@gmail.com

*Currently all consultations are being provided by Sandy Di Savino, CNP